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Developing a Library Skills Programme for Year 7

Developing a Library Skills Programme for Year 7

As a school do you have a plan of action for your year 7 library lessons? Many use them to encourage reading for pleasure and for book exchange but imagine what would happen if you decided to use this time to embed a programme of skills. What would this look like? What skills would you teach? What do you need as the librarian to make this happen?


This session will begin a series of sessions about library skills for year 7. Although I will be focusing on year 7 you will be able to adapt for younger or older students.


Today we will be focusing on how to decide what you may want your students to learn. We will look at the different options available, and the resources you can use for inspiration and this will include looking at how AI can make this job quicker and easier.


After today’s session, participants will:

- Understand what a plan of library lessons might look like and why it is important

- Start using AI for inspiration

- Know and understand where you can find resources to help you teach and plan these lessons

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