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Master Class April 2024

Shape the Future of Learning through Your School Library

Work with me to create your own project

Numbers are limited to 8 so don't wait, book now! 


Overview: Join my exclusive Master Class for strategic project planning, designed for a small group of 8 participants. This comprehensive program spans over a term, encompassing 6 sessions of 1-1.5 hours each, culminating in a personalised one-on-one session.

Objective: Empower attendees to refine and enhance their school library projects through collaborative curriculum integration, leveraging a mix of practical workshops, discussions, and tailored guidance.

Sessions Breakdown:

Introduction to Curriculum-Collaborative Projects: Establish the importance of library-curriculum collaboration, introduce projects, and set personal objectives.

Project Refinement and Selection: Explore brainstorming techniques, refine project ideas, and discuss criteria for aligning projects with curriculum and library goals.

Planning and Aligning with Curriculum: Dive into curriculum standards, align project goals, and draft detailed project plans with realistic timelines.

Resources and Technology Integration: Identify essential resources and technology, integrate tools for project enhancement, and navigate budgeting and resource acquisition.

Collaboration and Communication Strategies: Develop strategies for effective collaboration and communication with key stakeholders, establishing clear roles and responsibilities.

Implementation and Evaluation: Share tips for successful project implementation, adapt plans as needed, and learn methods for assessing project impact and student learning.


  • Personalised attention in a small group setting

  • Interactive sessions including breakout rooms and group activities

  • Small group discussions to allow you to share challenges, failures and success stories

  • Continuous project refinement based on feedback and give you accountability

  • Access to a shared online space for ongoing collaboration and support

Benefits: Participants will leave the Master Class with a well-developed, curriculum-integrated project tailored to their school library and valuable to their school and students, equipped with the skills and insights needed to be effective agents for change.

Practical Information

Numbers are limited to 8 so don't wait.
Book now! 

Price - £150 for 6 sessions plus 1 personal 1-1. This can be paid online or you can request an invoice. 


Dates -

  • Monday 15th, 22nd and 29th April 

  • Tuesday 14th and 21st May 

  • 4th June.

I will follow up with you after the Master Class for a 1-1 organised at your convenience. 

Time - 9.30 am for 1hr 30 mins (This depends on the number of participants. If there is a small number the time will be shorter) 

Your preparation - Each participant should come to the first session with an idea of the project they wish to create. This can be either something your school has asked you to do or something you want to work on yourself. (I am happy to hear your ideas before the first session to confirm it is something you can achieve in 6 weeks)

Attendance - Attendance at all sessions is expected. You will be required to sign up for all 6. 

Requirements - Access to microphones and videos on your PC/Laptop will be required to participate in these sessions. 

Hi, I am Elizabeth Hutchinson

I have spent over 20 years working with school libraries. I have made it my mission to support school librarians with advocacy, guidance and resources.


I am now working with a small group of school librarians to help them bring their projects to life. I do hope you will join me on this journey. I look forward to working with you. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 



    Having Elizabeth’s Masterclass to support the development of my current project has been invaluable. When I proposed that a new, research-based induction program was developed for our Year 12 students I had not grasped the enormity of what I had taken on. Elizabeth managed to break it down and support me through the creation of a plan.


    Although after the 6 classes the project is still very much a work in progress, the structure of the masterclasses introduced me to new challenges and enabled me to comprehend the breadth of the work required. Without Elizabeth’s experience and knowledge, I would have had a far less well-developed plan to share with our 6th form lead and would not have had answers to their questions.


    The opportunity to work alongside others working on different projects, and sharing experiences, is particularly helpful for school librarians as so many of us work alone, without the support of other experts. I therefore recommend these sessions to anyone who is developing a substantial new piece of work, either one requested by your school or one that you are working on speculatively. You won't be disappointed. 

    Ruth Maloney, School Librarian

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