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No hidden extras! 

Pay for the year and nothing else


These memberships bring together a group of like-minded people who believe that school librarians can bring change and make a difference in student education and learning within their schools. School librarians can increase literacy and academic attainment from within. 


These memberships will help schools assess where their school library is within the educational process of their school. Whilst also providing help and assistance to start planning a way forward through the creation of your strategic and development plan. 

These memberships will guide school librarians and teachers to understand more fully the role of the school library and librarian within the curriculum and educational process. Raising awareness of all that school libraries can bring to your school by providing ideas, training and support.  

Is this for us? These memberships are aimed at schools interested in taking their library to the next level. Helping you to find the real value and expertise from your library to the classroom. 

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Special Deals

From July 2024 as part of my partnership with Softlink, I am offering special prices for all Softlink schools. Sign up before the end of July and get until September FREE... 

From as little as £200 per school per year, you can access all my training and archives, a library assessment, and help with strategic and development planning. 

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What these memberships include

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