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Membership for Schools
Individual - Bronze Membership
Schools - Silver Membership
Schools - Gold Membership

No hidden extras! 

Pay for the year and nothing else


This membership brings together a group of like-minded people who believe that school librarians have the power to bring change and make a difference in student education and learning within their schools. School librarians can only help increase literacy and academic attainment if given support and understanding from within their school. 


This membership will help and guide school librarians, teachers/SLT/Headteachers to understand more fully the role of the school library and librarian within the curriculum and educational process. Raising awareness of all that school libraries can bring to your school by providing ideas, training and support.  Don't let your school library go underused or worse close because you didn't know all it could do. 

Is this for me? This membership is aimed at school librarians and teachers, who are interested in taking their school library to the next level. Finding the real value and expertise from within your school. 

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What these memberships include

Individual membership 


£105 a year per person


  • 6+ training webinars a year with an online discussion group and forum, based on UK 3-term structure

  • Priority to book a space on upcoming webinars/training

  • An online forum to ask questions and get responses from myself and other members - learning together

  • One online meet-up every term - turn up and chat

  • Archive access to all recorded training webinars 

  • Exclusive content - project planners, lesson plans etc. 

All training webinars will be recorded and all online forums will be open to accommodate all members including international members.

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School membership



£210 a year per school


Everything from the Bronze membership plus:-

  • 3 for the price of 2! (Pay for 2 members and the 3rd joins free) 

  • PLUS one mentoring session, per school per year. This can be whatever your school needs for example:-

    • Talk about the bigger picture

    • Help with planning what next​

    • Help with planning your annual report

    • Discuss ways to navigate your SLT

    • Find solutions to problems

    • or something else

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School membership



£499 a year per school


Everything from the Bronze and Silver Membership plus:-​​

PLUS 10 mentoring sessions per year (booked either once a month or several together)

These can include, any suggestions from the silver membership or:-

  • Planning year 7 library lessons using FOSIL

  • Planning an assembly

  • Working on your library development plan

  • Work on a marketing and advocacy campaign

  • or something else

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