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Whether you have a school library or not doesn't matter. The fact that you are here reading this means that you have begun to think about the role a library can play within your school. School libraries are known to make a difference to independent learning, literacy and well-being of your students so if you need some ideas to get you started or already have a vision please contact me.


The value of your school library is so much more than a room full of books!

I provide training both face to face and online, in the following areas:

  • Whole school library integration across your curriculum

    • How to Use your school library management system more effectively across the school e.g. starting your digital literacy journey with your LMS

    • Integrating inquiry learning with your school library and librarian throughout your curriculum. 

  • FOSIL (Framework of Skills for Inquiry Learning).

    • ​Digital and information literacy 

    • Digital citizenship and using social media.

    • Fake news and misinformation

  • Budgeting and supplier suggestions

  • Inset and twilight sessions 

    • I work with teachers and librarians​

  • Speaker engagements

    • Conference- Workshops and talks

All these options can be tailored to your individual needs.

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Why should you contact me?

With over 16 years of experience in school libraries, I have seen the best and the worst. School libraries are more than reading for pleasure and literacy. School librarians are information experts and can support and teach in your classrooms. Bringing the value of the school library throughout the curriculum and into the classroom.


Not only can I support and train current library staff but I can also show you how to embed inquiry learning throughout your school and across the curriculum. I can work with teachers and support staff ensuring that your school library sits alongside their teaching thereby enhancing your student's education which will help you see the value of your school library and its staff. 

Students who have access to and use a school library with a librarian:-


  • Get better grades

  • Have strong digital awareness and skills

  • Can navigate and understand the world around them

  • See literacy levels improve

Teachers benefit too:-

  • Access to quality resources

  • No need to spend their own money on resources for research

  • Support in teaching inquiry learning through pedagogical tools

Senior Leaders benefit:-

  • Evidence of value for money 

  • Evidence of use and impact across the curriculum

  • Happy supported teachers

If you have a working good quality school library with a school librarian, which is supported and valued by your Senior Leadership Team, you will find that teachers and students use it more and you will see the value. 

Fake news and misinformation are on the rise. Inquiry learning has all the tools your students need to ensure that they have the skills for today's world. Students who use the school library effectively are more likely to have these skills. 

Teachers who work with the school librarian find that their student's research and inquiry skills improve. They save time finding the resources they need for their teaching and enhance their own research skills too. 


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