Frequently asked questions

What is Fellowship of CILIP?

Fellowship is the highest professional qualification awarded by the Chartered Institute and is evidence that you have achieved a high personal standard of performance and impact on the profession.

What is CILIP?

Chartered Institue of Library and Information Professionals

How can I join in #LibraryStaffLoveLearning discussion?

From the #LIbraryStaffLoveLearning page click on each topic to see the whole page. The latest discussion will be at the top. We have a discussion at the begining of every month. Although I do have a break in August. Once every 3 months there will be a book choice posted March, June, September and December. These options will be advertised up 3 months before in order for you to be able to buy or borrow the book in time for the discussion. The other months I choose either a TED talks, Webinars, Blog Posts or Articles that I find interesting and would like to discuss. These are ususally freely availble online so no cost to yoursleves apart from your time. The above is subject to change, however, once a book has been announced this will not change. Questions for any discussion are usually posted at the begining of the month. Please just join in when you can. I don't give a specific time for these discussions in order to allow anyone in any time zone to join in. To join in the discussion you will have to sign up to my website. Any questions please just send me a message.

I don't work in a school library, can I still join in #LibraryStaffLoveLearning discussions?

Everyone is welcome! We love to hear others perspectives as it helps us learn and grow.

Do you run online and face to face training sessions?

Yes. I cover all aspects of running a school library from collection management to student and teacher engagement. I am happy to do an hour training session or run whole school inset days. Check out my webinar offers here. Every school is different and all sessions are built around the needs of the individuals. Please email me for more information

How can I borrow a book through the SLA?

All the books that I select will be available from the SLA CPD library. If you are an SLA member you can borrow 4 CPD titles from their CPD library a year per membership for a small additional fee. For more information click here

What is FOSIL?

Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning. Click here to find out more...

What is IFLA?

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Find out more here

What is the time commitment for #LibraryStaffLoveLearning?

It is as much or as little as you want it to be. You will need to read, listen or watch the recommendation and then join in by answering the questions posted at the begining of each month. There is no set time for these disussions as it is open to everyone and I don't want to restrict anyone by the time zone they are in.

How can I respond to another persons comment on #LibraryStaffLoveLearning?

To respond you just need to add their name to your reply e.g. @elizabeth would notify me that you had responded to something I had said.

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