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Whether you have a school library or not doesn't matter. The fact that you are here reading this means that you have begun to think about the role a library can play within your school. School libraries are known to make a difference to independent learning, literacy and well-being of your students so if you need some ideas to get you started or already have a vision please contact me.


I provide training both face to face and online, in the following areas:

If you are interested in any of this please contact me to discuss your individual needs.​

Why should you contact me?

I am an award-winning librarian with over 20 years of experience in school libraries, I have a post 16 teaching qualification and can help you bring your school library into the heart of your curriculum. I have provided training for:-

  • Leigh Academy Trust

  • School Library Association


  • Cumbria School Library Service


  • Monmouth EPQ teachers

  • Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

  • Bradford Grammar School

  • Ladies College, Guernsey

I have spoken at many events including 

  • BETT Show - for Google 

  • LILAC Conference

  • ResearchEd National Conference

  • Practical Pedagogies Conference - Toulouse and Cologne 

  • Caravan of Knowledge Teacher Conference- Kazakhstan

  • UKedChat online conference 


  • Australia School Library Association/School Library Association of South Australia Conference April 2021- Keys to Learning. My session was entitled Thinking and Acting in a Global Village - A Story in Three Parts. 

Consultant for 

  • Warwickshire Great School Libraries Project - External Evaluation Consultant 

  • Blanchelande College, Guernsey - I set up a new secondary library and supported the introduction of the use of FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning). Read a recommendation from Robert O'Brien, Principal 


Not only can I support and train current library staff but I can also show you how to embed inquiry learning throughout your school and across the curriculum. I can work with teachers and support staff ensuring that your school library sits alongside their teaching thereby enhancing your student's education.

Students who have access to and use a school library with a librarian:-


  • Get better grades

  • Have strong digital awareness and skills

  • Can navigate and understand the world around them

  • See literacy levels improve

Teachers who have access to and use a school library with a librarian have:-

  • Access to quality resources

  • No need to spend their own money on resources for research

  • Support in teaching inquiry learning through pedagogical tools

Senior Leaders benefit:-

  • Evidence of value for money 

  • Evidence of use and impact across the curriculum

  • Happy supported teachers

What if we don't have a school library or librarian?

Don't worry! We all have to start somewhere... Contact me and we can work out a plan together. 


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Elizabeth Hutchinson



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