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Whether you have a school library or not doesn't matter. The fact that you are here reading this means that you have begun to think about the role a library can play within your school. School libraries are known to make a difference to independent learning, literacy and well-being of your students so if you need some ideas to get you started or already have a vision please contact me.


I provide training both face to face and online, in the following areas:


My membership packages enable you to access all my archived training as well as current ongoing training giving you the opportunity to work with other teachers and librarians who are interested in bringing their school library into the curriculum. I also offer mentoring sessions with schools through my membership so if you need personal support this might be the option for you. 

If you are interested in any of this please contact me to discuss your individual needs.​

Why should you contact me?

I am an award-winning librarian with over 20 years of experience in school libraries, I have a post 16 teaching qualification and can help you bring your school library into the heart of your curriculum. I have provided training for:-

  • Leigh Academy Trust

  • School Library Association


  • Cumbria School Library Service


  • Monmouth EPQ teachers

  • Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

  • Bradford Grammar School

  • Ladies College, Guernsey

I have spoken at many events including 

  • BETT Show - for Google 

  • LILAC Conference

  • ResearchEd National Conference

  • Practical Pedagogies Conference - Toulouse and Cologne 

  • Caravan of Knowledge Teacher Conference- Kazakhstan

  • UKedChat online conference 


  • Australia School Library Association/School Library Association of South Australia Conference April 2021- Keys to Learning. My session was entitled Thinking and Acting in a Global Village - A Story in Three Parts. 

Consultant for 

  • Warwickshire Great School Libraries Project - External Evaluation Consultant 

  • Blanchelande College, Guernsey - I set up a new secondary library and supported the introduction of the use of FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning). Read a recommendation from Robert O'Brien, Principal 


Not only can I support and train current library staff but I can also show you how to embed inquiry learning throughout your school and across the curriculum. I can work with teachers and support staff ensuring that your school library sits alongside their teaching thereby enhancing your student's education.

Students who have access to and use a school library with a librarian:-


  • Get better grades

  • Have strong digital awareness and skills

  • Can navigate and understand the world around them

  • See literacy levels improve

Teachers who have access to and use a school library with a librarian have:-

  • Access to quality resources

  • No need to spend their own money on resources for research

  • Support in teaching inquiry learning through pedagogical tools

Senior Leaders benefit:-

  • Evidence of value for money 

  • Evidence of use and impact across the curriculum

  • Happy supported teachers

What if we don't have a school library or librarian?

Don't worry! We all have to start somewhere... Contact me and we can work out a plan together. 


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