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Infobase Webinar
Using FOSIL as a Tool for Inquiry-Based Learning


Tuesday  24th May 2022 

4-5 pm 

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It is important for school librarians to have the tools they need to support students and engage teachers. FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning) is one such tool. In this webinar, librarian Elizabeth Hutchinson will explain what FOSIL is and how it can be used as a tool not only to teach inquiry skills, but also as an assessment tool within the curriculum.

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Teaching and Learning Conference Leeds 2022

Saturday 11th June 2022 

8.30 - 4 pm

Catch 22 – What you don’t know until someone tells you. The school library; an integral part of the education process

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Girls Day School Trust


Thursday  26th May 2022 

10am - 1pm 

This talk highlights the importance of understanding the role of teaching within the skillset of the school librarian. 

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