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School librarians do more than help your child find a good book.

January 01, 2020

Having been awarded a BEM in the 2020 New Years honours. I talked to ITV Guernsey about the role of the school librarian. 

Presentation from LILAC 2019

May 02, 2019

My presentation at LILAC 2019 was about how we (SLS Librarians)  have used technology to talk ourselves into the classroom with amazing results. Some we expected and others we didn't. 

Research Ed national conference presentation part 1

December 07, 2018

In September 2018 I presented at the ResearchEd national conference. Here is the first half of my presentation for those of you who were unable to attend. Do you want to hear what else I shared? Please get in touch... 

Talking about why school libraries are so important.

December 06, 2018

Radio interview with Voice of Islam drive time show talking about why school libraries are important. Listen at 1hr 5mins to hear the conversation. 

Every school needs a school library with a school librarian

November 01, 2018

With the recent campaign #GreatSchoolLibraries I was asked to write an article about why school libraries are important. UKedchat agreed to publish it. Why do our students need school libraries with professional librarians in them? Read more here. 

School Libraries: Why do teachers need school librarians? CILIP Information Professional

May 02, 2018

I was amazed that one of my recent blog posts about why teachers need school librarians received over 33,000 views. I have been trying to work out why so many people read it and shared it. My message was to teachers but I am sure that the majority who read it were school library staff. Across the country, school librarians are diminishing and sadly schools do not seem to realise what they are actually losing – but how have we got here?

Why it's time to get to know your school librarian

January 08, 2018

I talked to Martine Ellis from The Teaching Space about the role of the school librarian. The impact they can have on teachers and students when schools understand the role.

The power of quality research and school libraries

December 07, 2018

In this podcast interview I talked to Lucy Parsons from Life More Extraordinary about the power of quality research when schools employ a qualified librarian. 

Navigating the information landscape through collaboration. SCIS

October 17, 2017

School libraries and school library professionals have a huge role to play in supporting teaching and learning within a school. I often hear visiting authors comment on being able to identify a good school by how well the library is used. School librarian Caroline Roche penned the phrase ‘heart of the school’, which is used to describe schools whose library is at the centre of learning. But just having a school library does not make students suddenly want to start reading or researching. What can we do?

4 ways the school librarian can save you time and help support independent learners. ic3

October 01, 2017

If you have ever wondered how your school librarian can save you time? Here are a few ideas for you to consider and maybe ask your librarian for help with when you go to school tomorrow. 

The Role of the School Librarian. Online article - Edcircuit

January 16, 2017

The role of the school librarian is an elusive one. Ask any teacher what the school librarian’s role is and whether they need a qualification to do the job, and I am sure you will get many different answers. I can’t think of many professions where this is the case. 

Improving teacher librarian collaboration: What can we do?

August 31, 2016

After finishing my masters dissertation I wrote up my findings in this article in CILIP Update 

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