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UKedChat Conference Presentation 

April  2021

Inquiry Learning empowers students to become independent learners and critical thinkers. Collaboration between the school librarian and teachers not only provides students access to good quality resources but also introduces them to a set of skills need to engage with the world beyond school. 

Queens New Years Honours

31st October 2020

Queens New Years Honours takes place at Government House, Guernsey

ResearchEd National Conference 

7th December 2018

​In September 2018 I presented at the ResearchEd national conference. Here is the first half of my presentation for those of you who were unable to attend. Do you want to hear what else I shared? Please get in touch... 

FOSIL - can transform students knowledge of their subject 

February 2021

Children need a framework a to undertake enquiry-based learning well Elizabeth Hutchinson extols FOSIL and the role of school librarians. 

BEM for Elizabeth Hutchinson 

1st January 2020

School librarians do more than help your child find a good book. 

Radio interview - Why School libraries are so important. 

6th December 2018

​Radio interview with Voice of Islam drive time show, talking about why school libraries are important. Listen at 1hr 5mins to hear the conversation. 

School Librarians want a bigger role in Information Literacy and fighting Fake News

21st November 2020

Like everyone, over the last year, school librarians have had to find ways to adapt to the changing landscape. They have coped brilliantly. But the return to normal will bring back some difficult frustrations, as Elizabeth Hutchinson reports -

Teaching Times 

presentation from LILAC 2019

April 2019

​How we (SLS Librarians)  have used technology to talk ourselves into the classroom with amazing results. Some we expected and others we didn't. 

Every School needs a library with a school librarian. 

1st November 2018

With the recent campaign #GreatSchoolLibraries I was asked to write an article about why school libraries are important. UKedchat agreed to publish it. Why do our students need school libraries with professional librarians in them? Read more here. 

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