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Is it time to take your school library to the next level? Do you want to empower your teachers and librarian to work together across the curriculum? Are you not sure how to get started? Find out how I can help below. 

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School Library Review

I love to work with schools who are:- 


👉Interested in raising literacy levels
👉Interested in raising academic attainment
👉Want to find ways to increase reading across all academic subjects
👉Prepared to focus on finding ways their school library and librarian can support this

If you would like a comprehensive library review which will include tailored recommendations and personal support get in touch.

Enhanced Learning Through Effective School Libraries 

Unlock the power of your school library 

Is your school library making the impact it should?

My personalised evaluation service will empower you to optimise your library's potential



👉Comprehensive Library Review
👉Tailored Recommendations for Improvement
👉Ideas to Boost Literacy and Academic Achievement
👉Collaborative Curriculum Ideas


Unlock the Full Potential of Your School Library

Welcome to Engaging and Empowering School Libraries, where I am dedicated to empowering school librarians, teachers, and schools to maximize the impact of their school libraries on education. With over 20 years of experience working with school libraries, I understand the challenges they face and am here to support their journey.

My Mission: Enhancing Engagement Across the Curriculum

At Engaging and Empowering School Libraries, I set out with a clear purpose: to help school librarians and teachers engage more fully across the curriculum. I noticed a common issue where many schools were not fully utilising their school libraries or recognising the value of their librarians. This oversight often resulted in a poorly used resource or even the unfortunate closure of school libraries.

Adapting to Change: Online Training and Support

In 2020, Covid compelled me to adapt and embrace online training. This shift allowed me to refine my skills and create a positive impact on school librarians' professional development. Through close collaboration with numerous librarians, I learned valuable lessons and developed effective online training methods.

Introducing Our Membership: Engaging and Empowering School Librarians

Recognising the limited availability for professional development, I launched a dedicated training and support membership for school librarians in January 2022. This membership program has been a resounding success, fostering a community of passionate librarians eager to learn and grow. By becoming a member, librarians gain access to valuable resources, expert guidance, and a supportive network to enhance their practice.

Uniting Teachers and School Librarians: Bridging the Gap

I understand that the true potential of a school library can only be realised when teachers and Senior Leadership Teams (SLTs) recognise its value. My membership program provides educators with practical strategies to integrate the school library into the curriculum effectively. With tools like FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning), I empower teachers to leverage the library's resources without adding extra workload. By fostering collaboration between teachers and librarians, I enhance the educational experience and help raise academic achievement.

Supporting Schools: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Every school is unique, and I understand that some may require more guidance and support in bringing their school library and librarian to the forefront of the educational process. I am here to help. Whether you need assistance in integrating the school library into your curriculum or discovering ways to engage your teachers, I offer personalised support tailored to your specific requirements. Together, we'll find the best strategies to leverage the expertise of your librarian and elevate the impact of your school library.

Book Your Free Exploratory Half Hour 

To experience the difference my services can make, I invite you to book a free introductory half hour with me by filling in the form below. During this session, we'll discuss your goals and explore how I can help. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your School Library Today

Don't let your school library be an underutilised resource. Contact me to embark on a journey of educational enrichment, collaboration, and enhanced student outcomes. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of your school library and transform education.

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