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Is it time to take your school library to the next level? Do you want to empower your teachers and librarian to work together across the curriculum? Are you not sure how to get started? Find out how I can help below. 

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My Story

I set up my own business in August 2019 with the idea of helping school librarians and teachers engage across the curriculum. Having worked with school libraries for nearly 20 years I noticed that many schools are not fully engaging with their school library and librarian. Leading to a poorly used resource or worse a school library closing. My plan was to provide face-to-face training, directly to schools, to empower school librarians to engage more fully across their school curriculum, whilst helping school leaders learn about the value of their school library within the educational process.


Like most of you, I had no idea what was around the corner in 2020 and all these plans went right out of the window but pushed me to online training in a very positive way. A steep learning curve but one I enjoyed and has made a huge difference to my online training skills through working very closely with a lot of school librarians.  I did have to put my plans aside for working with school leaders, as you know they had other things on their plates at the time. 

When the schools all began to open in September 2021 I realised that my training had to change again. When schools were not running in the usual way school librarians had time for #CPD however once they were back this became impossible. In January 2022, I launched a training and support membership for school librarians which has been going from strength to strength. I have a lovely group of passionate school librarians who are motivated and want to learn, but it doesn't matter how enthusiastic the school librarians are if the teachers or their Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are unaware of what they do. 


I decided it was time to get back to plan A and offer training for teachers too so in September 2022, I launched a membership for teachers and SLT about how to get the most from your school library. Looking at the core purpose of the school library and ways to integrate it into the curriculum. I will include free tools such as FOSIL showing how they can support integration within the curriculum without making more work for your teachers. (Ok I know anything new will take a little time but a few tweaks on what they are doing already mixed with the support of the school librarian will add value I promise)


Finally, I realised that not all schools are ready for training. They maybe need more support in order to work out what they need. Every school is different and I would be happy to support schools that want to bring their school library and librarian central to the educational process but are not sure how. I will help you find ways to integrate the school library into your curriculum and discover ways to engage your teachers with all the school library can offer. I will work with your school librarian and teachers to help them engage in collaborative teaching bringing not only more resources into the classroom but also the expertise of the school librarian as an information professional. By bringing together the classroom teacher with the school librarian I will help you to realise the value of your school library within the educational process, which will not only add value to the physical space and resources but will also help to raise literacy levels and academic attainment within your school. 

You can book some time with me by filling in the form below or check out my membership options, in particular my Gold membership which includes 10 hours of mentoring. 

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