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Training options

New for 2024! I am busy crafting a new vision and format for training school librarians and teachers. Whether you’re looking to better support students, develop new skills or expand your knowledge on the latest techniques and trends in library and teaching, I’ve got you covered.  

See my training options below... 

All training seen below is
 included in my membership options. Pay once and get access to all new training and my archives. 

If you can't see any training you wish to join check out my pay
-per-view page where you will find all recent and past training available to buy on-demand

Bookable Live Sessions

Coming soon!

Library Managment

Effective Library Management

  • Policy Development

  • Implementation

  • Compliance

Creating Your Library Development Plan

  • Assessing Current Library Status

  • Goal Setting and Planning

  • Resource Allocation and Budgeting

Creating a vibrant Library Hub

  • Marketing Stratgies

  • Community Engagement

  • Parent involvement

Librarians as Teachers

If you want to know more about my training membership packages please check them out here

Empowering Research in the Digital Age- Part 1

  • Research Methodology

  • Database Navigation

  • Information Retreival

 foundations in Academic inquiry- Part 1

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Academic Integrity

  • Referencing Techniques

Foundations in Academic Inquiry -Part 2

  • Preparing for Academic success

  • Study Skills

  • Exam preperation

AI Literacy
Part 1

  • Understanding AI in Education

  • AI Basics

  • Ethical Considerations

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