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Engaging and Empowering School Libraries 


Engaging and Empowering school Libraries 

Why join me?

Engaging and Empowering School Libraries is about bringing school librarians together and giving them professional development through training, support and guidance. A chance to meet familiar faces, discuss problems and barriers and help find solutions. This membership is about demonstrating the value of the school library. Finding ways to help each member move forward, gain clarity about what school librarianship should be and push forward beyond the negativity surrounding school libraries. Is it time to join your tribe?

What is the immediate benefit to school librarians?
  • 6+ live training sessions a year (no extra charges, no members rates because all training by me is free to members)

  • Access to my training archives

  • Priority booking on all training

  • A 24/7 forum to ask questions and share ideas

  • 1 live members catch up per term. A place to share and ask any questions you may have.

What is the value to your school?

A motivated school librarian plays a pivotal role in student success and financial well-being by optimising resources, integrating technology, and fostering community engagement. Moreover, through a commitment to inquiry-based learning, the librarian nurtures information literacy and critical thinking skills, creating an educational environment that aligns with moving trends and enhances the overall learning experience for students.

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If you want more information from current members please check out their blog posts here
If this sounds interesting please select appropriate membership below to find out more 👇👇👇 

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