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Engaging and Empowering School Libraries 


Engaging and Empowering school Libraries 

What is it all about?
Helping school librarians engage with their teachers, SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and Governors to discover the value of school libraries. Helping to re-image your school library central to the education process through your curriculum
Empowering school librarians to demonstrate their value by 
  • Providing regular training

  • Providing space to talk professionally through webinars, online discussions and live Q&A sessions

  • Opening the door to learning what schools, teachers and librarians need going forward

  • Bringing understanding and support to those who want something better for their students through their school library 

Engaging and empowering school libraries members will come together to support each other in a professional online learning community. Primary and secondary school librarians and teachers will be a dynamic group that can help engage schools beyond the walls of the school library and into the curriculum. 

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If you want more information from current members please check out their blog posts here
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