Elizabeth Hutchinson walking the cliffs in Guernsey

Petit Bot, Guernsey - Photo by Lauren Tyrrell 

I am a trainer and adviser for school libraries. I am a Chartered Librarian and Fellow of CILIP. My career has included being a school librarian with teaching experience, an SLS librarian and finishing as Head of a Schools' Library Service, Guernsey. 

I am an international speaker, Vice-Chair of the #GreatSchoolLibraries campaign, renowned blogger, author and a regular columnist in the CILIP Information Professional. 

I am interested in a school librarians role within inquiry learning and was the first adopter of FOSIL beyond Oakham School in 2013 and was the first member of the FOSIL Group beyond Oakham School in 2019. Since then, I have worked tirelessly advocating for FOSIL-based inquiry learning.

I was a finalist and runner up in the LILAC Information Literacy Award in 2016 and shortlisted in 2020. I was awarded the BEM in the 2020 New Years honours list for services to libraries. 


I am the founder of an online forum to provide CPD (Continued Professional Development) called #LIbraryStaffLoveLearning.  Providing cost-effective (sometimes free) learning for school library staff. 

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When I am not working you will find me walking the cliffs of Guernsey, enjoying my grandchildren, crocheting or doing my jigsaws but that is for another time... 


I’ve always been committed to helping school librarians and teachers thrive and reach their goals. Every individual is important to me, and it’s my pleasure to share some of their reviews with you. For additional information, get in touch today.



"The training helped me to build on what I know professionally, extending my knowledge, new ideas, practical and I can take it back to school to use tomorrow". 

—  School Librarian