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New Confidence: How Elizabeth's Membership Empowered My Role as a School Librarian

Being a member of Elizabeth's Engaging and Empowering School Libraries membership has given me a deeper understanding of school librarianship and the support I longed for. Being an almost sole representative of the profession in our school, with a very new junior colleague, speaking to Elizabeth, has boosted my confidence and provided me with motivation and new perspectives to carry on and move forward.

New confidence from new learning

From the perfectly timed training sessions to the newsletters that spark brilliant ideas, spot-on blog articles and podcasts which are wonderfully suited to our needs all add up to provide the ideal central resource. Elizabeth keeps us up to date on all things related to school librarianship and the ever-evolving world around us.

Her invaluable training has included AI developments allowing a deep reflection as well as giving specific examples thanks to the network that the membership provides access to (whether it be directly during a webinar or through the voices that are invited to speak). This led to me creating my own Padlet, AI in Education vs Education in AI, for our staff after a request from my line manager to reflect on this technology and its impacts on us.

More recently, the strategic planning training from an Australian fellow school librarian, Lori Korodaj, was extremely well-timed. I have been investigating local, national and international curriculums, working on my own school library vision/mission statements, and developing long-term plans. This session provided me with the best possible structure to bring everything together.

Thanks to Elizabeth, one of the models I discovered is the FOSIL cycle. If you are a member, do check the pre-recorded webinars clearly unpacking how it all works. I now use the FOSIL Inquiry cycle to research, present and reflect on topics students need to work on. It is a simple, very clear, easy-to-remember, and deeply effective framework to use. I have used it specifically with our 6th Form students and they have found it extremely useful!

I am very grateful to Elizabeth for this tremendous wealth of information, reflection and networking she offers to raise the profile of school libraries. Her unwavering support for school librarians and the indirect impact she has on the lives of our students as lifelong learners and avid readers is truly remarkable!

Find out more!

To find out more about Elizabeth's membership please check out the 'About membership' page or contact her. She is always happy to chat about school libraries.

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