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Enhance your School Library's Impact with Ofsted readiness

Updated: May 1

Ofsted poster - Raising standards improving lives

As school librarians, you play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of your schools. With the ever-evolving standards and expectations, set by Ofsted, you must stay informed and proactive in aligning your library services to meet these criteria. I invite you to listen to my training session designed specifically for school librarians, which focused on how you can enhance our library's contribution to your school's success in Ofsted inspections.

Understanding Ofsted's Requirements

Ofsted's framework evaluates schools across several key areas including the Quality of Education, Personal Development, and Behaviour and Attitudes. Each of these areas offers you, as librarians, a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully. However, many of you might wonder, "What exactly does Ofsted look for in these areas, and how can my library make a difference?" My training session is tailored to demystify these questions and provide you with clear, actionable strategies.

Why This Training Matters

  1. Broad Overview of Ofsted Criteria: Gain a clear understanding of the key aspects Ofsted inspectors focus on and learn strategies to align your school library accordingly. We'll touch on essential points across major criteria areas, ensuring you know where your library can have the most significant impact.

  2. Practical Alignment Tips: You will leave with practical tips on how to start aligning your library's activities with Ofsted's expectations in terms of educational quality, personal development, and behaviour management. This includes quick wins and easy-to-implement changes that can make a big difference.

  3. Practical Tools and Continuous Improvement: Apart from understanding Ofsted's criteria, my training will equip you with practical tools to collect and present evidence of your library’s impact. Continuous improvement is at the heart of Ofsted's evaluations, and I will cover how to implement evidence-based practices that showcase the library's ongoing enhancements and successes.

A Collaborative Learning Experience

More than just a training session, this is an opportunity to engage with peers who are equally committed to elevating their library's status within their schools. Through interactive discussions and shared experiences, you'll gain insights and ideas that are immediately applicable.

Join Us and Make a Difference

Whether you're looking to boost your library's profile, enhance your professional development, or simply ensure your school meets and exceeds Ofsted's criteria, this training is for you. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your library into a cornerstone of educational excellence and personal development.

Feedback from event... "Very organised- I liked the email the day before the training outlining the 'housekeeping' things eg need for a microphone and camera on PC/Laptop. - The training was detailed and reinforced what we are already doing to tie in with Ofsted's requirements as well as what I need to focus on - personally, I felt it was great seeing the language and terms used by Ofsted so I can weave this into my reports to underline how our library is working towards Ofsted guidelines - always great having the Recording and Resource pack after the event"

If you want to listen to the recording and discussion from this training you can access it here by clicking the picture below.

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