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Ofsted and School Libraries

Ofsted and School Libraries

This training session is designed for school librarians, the focus is on navigating Ofsted criteria relevant to UK schools. Participants will gain valuable insights into key evaluation areas, strategies for continuous improvement, and the implementation of evidence-based practices. The session aims to empower librarians with practical tools to align their libraries with Ofsted expectations, fostering ongoing improvement, and showcasing the library's impact on overall educational outcomes.


Learning Objective:

By the end of this session, attendees will be equipped to align with Ofsted criteria, implement evidence-based practices, and drive continuous improvement in their libraries within the UK educational context.


Three Key Takeaways:


Ofsted Alignment: Understand how to align your school library practices with Ofsted criteria to meet evaluation expectations effectively.


Evidence-Based Impact: Learn practical approaches to implement evidence-based practices, demonstrating the tangible impact of your library on educational outcomes.


Continuous Improvement: Gain strategies for fostering a culture of continuous improvement in your school library, ensuring ongoing enhancement and adaptability.

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