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Membership... an opportunity to engage and empower your school library

Updated: May 13, 2022

I can help you engage and empower your school library. This is a bold claim but one I truly believe I can offer through personal and accessible training. Let me explain...

What is on offer?

Many memberships offer incredible packages but working on my own it is impossible to offer much more than myself at the moment. My plan is to work on a package where you pay £95 for the year and for this you are guaranteed 6 webinars which if you bought them separately would cost you £120. These will not only be a presentation but will they will include professionally guided discussion around the specific topic afterwards. A time to thoughtfully digest what you have just learnt and connect with other school librarians.

Have you ever finished watching a webinar and on reflection, you wanted to ask more questions but can't? I will provide access to the recordings via a members-only page on my website that will also link to a discussion forum. A place where I will address any questions and will facilitate further discussion on each of the webinars. A chance to fully explore every topic.

If this wasn't enough I will also give you access to all the recordings of our #LSLLTS Twitter Spaces chats which although you can join in live for free I will make easily accessible afterwards. This archive will also provide an online forum for you to ask questions or continue the discussion if you wish.

You will also get access to one live Q & A session a term. Where you can log on and discuss anything that is going on currently in your library space. I want to make myself available to you and this is your opportunity to connect with myself and others again in a more casual setting.

Who is it for?

This membership is currently only for school librarians. (I plan to create a membership training space for teachers and SLT soon).

This training package will engage school librarians to gain a voice and a deeper understanding of their role within the curriculum and education community, whilst empowering them to advocate and guide teachers and SLT to recognise the value of the school library within teaching and learning.

You will know in advance of the term what topics will be covered and they will range from collection development, marketing your library, teaching skills, inquiry learning, being 10% braver and lots more!

If a topic is not useful to you at the moment, all the recordings and online forums will remain available for you, as long as you are a member, to come back to when you need


UPDATE 13th May

If you are interested in joining this membership it is now open

Since we started in January I have run three webinars, all of which are available to members in the archives:-

  • Leadership for School Librarians

  • Creating Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Advocacy for school librarians

Our #LSLLTS discussions include these recordings and more...

  • Reflective practice for school librarians

  • The role of the school librarian in organising author visits

  • Health literacy in schools

  • Collection development

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact me.


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