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Welcome to Engaging and Empowering School Libraries! Get a jump start on your library training journey with IFLA and FOSIL pre-recorded webinars. Take your knowledge to the next level with my exclusive 3-part webinar series exploring the FOSIL cycle. Choose your own journey via School Library Essential, Lesson ideas or the role of the school library. Plus, join our community and engage with fellow learners in our interactive forums. Unlock your library and leadership potential with Elizabeth Hutchinson


These 3 webinars clearly unpack and explain the FOSIL cycle. Helping you explore some of the resources available via the FOSIL Group website.


Writing annual reports/Policies etc.


Core purpose/leadership etc


Creating good inquiry questions/ How to teach presenting etc.


If you want a longer discussion this forum is the space to ask questions, share ideas and learn from each other. 

Mentoring Inquiry

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