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Showcasing the Value of Your School Library

Showcasing the Value of Your School Library

In this one-hour online training session, school librarians will learn to reflect on and showcase their library's value by focusing on performance metrics, impact assessments, and future goals. Participants will learn methods for collecting and analysing data, assessing their library's impact on student learning, and setting SMART goals. 


Learning Objective:

By the end of the session, participants will be able to share best practices for effectively communicating their library's value to stakeholders. 


Three Key Takeaways:

Utilising Performance Metrics: Collecting and analysing data, such as circulation statistics and program attendance, is crucial for understanding and demonstrating the library's usage and effectiveness.


Conducting Impact Assessments: Measuring the library’s contribution to student learning and engagement through both qualitative and quantitative methods helps showcase its value and secure stakeholder support.


Effective Communication of Library Value: Using data and success stories to highlight the library's positive outcomes helps in gaining support from school administration, parents, and the community, ensuring sustained and enhanced library services.

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