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Reading for learning

Reading for learning

Reading is essential for our children's education and learning. Good for literacy, good for their mental health and good for them academically, but what do we do when our students seem to stop reading for pleasure? How do we keep our students using the library if they are not reading for pleasure?


We need to understand that reading for learning is as important as reading for pleasure. At this stage in their lives, this skill needs to be nurtured and supported by school librarians. It is time to open your library doors to Reading for Learning!


Focusing on:- 

  • Literacy and reading promotion - What does IFLA say?

  • The different types of reading

  • Why focus on reading for learning? 

  • Ideas for teaching reading for learning via inquiry​

Why should you watch this? Our students haven't stopped reading when they get to year 9 they are just focused on other things. This webinar will help you focus on what your students need to support their reading journey and improve their literacy levels. 

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