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Stock Selection for school libraries

#LSLLTS Library Staff Love Learning Twitter Spaces Chat started again on the 12th September 2022. We are a small group of librarians Ruth Maloney, Sabrina Cox and myself, who want to raise the profile of the role of school librarians. We do this by chatting on Twitter Spaces every other Monday evening during term time. We select a topic that we think will be interesting to school librarians and schools and we then invite guest speakers to join us. To make sure our conversation flows we think of some questions and then at the appointed time, we chat.

Our latest chat was about stock selection for school libraries. We called it Thoughts and Tips for Stock Selection and we were joined by school librarian Alison King, Librarian Will Lack and specialist in Horror Jim McLeod. We asked them the following questions:-

  • How to choose genres I don't read?

  • How to ensure diversity?

  • Which is the best Quantity or variety?

  • How do you find the gems, not on the best sellers lists?

  • Any tips and tricks to buying stock with very little or no money?

For me, the outcome of this discussion was the advice to leave your own bias at home... Remember that school libraries need diverse collections that give students the opportunity to see themselves in your collection but also read across all genres. Horror is not one of my first choices but after chatting to Jim I have already downloaded my first horror book.

Take a listen for yourself...

If you would like to listen to this or any of our other chats you can download them as a podcast here

If you have any suggestions for other chats please don't hesitate to get in touch...

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