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Discussion for May: Marketing a profession
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May 03, 2019
Read the chapter and feel that as a school library, to a certain extent we have a captive audience. The pupils come in to use the space and borrow books, use computers for homework. I promote initiatives by contributing to newsletters, informing staff via email or in staff meetings and plastering posters in parts of the school where I think they will be noticed more. From a customer service point of view the only difficulties I experience are discipline issues. Pupils come in and don't always use the space in ways outlined above. I have never experienced any difficulties with teachers. When verifying information I urge caution when students use Wikipedia and have Fake News posters on the wall which guide students on how to work out if a story is real or fake. We have a lot of resources in our library that are not used/rarely used reference books and a good percentage of the non-fiction books among them. Digital resource costs are often prohibitive so feel we need hard copies resources to fall back on though I do collect lists of websites offering free resources and promote these to pupils. I try to be as visible and as vocal as possible, communicating with staff at meetings, via email. I am present at Open Evenings, Year 6 Intake Evenings and Year 6 Taster Days. I also help out at school fundraisers and attend school church services etc. I am not involved with any partners as such but do liaise with other school librarians, subject leaders etc. I would like to become more involved with EPQs and do use research skills as part of my IL lessons. I found this chapter very useful, particularly the comment about not expecting patrons to use the service if you don't have what they want.


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