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Rachel Chavez
Dec 04, 2019
I want to publicise the presentation slides that are now available from the JCS 2019 Digital Literacy conference that took place last week. I was very fortunate this year that my school paid for me to attend the conference. Last year, however, I was not so lucky and found the presentation slides an invaluable way of getting an insight into all the fabulous talks that took place. This year, as with last year, I have been particularly inspired by Dr Graham Gardner, Librarian at Abingdon School. To me he always has an innovative way of approaching things. Last year I took his approach of talking the teacher/students' language and have been re-developing my resource information and guides to tie in with exam papers and assessment objectives, rather than just subject. This year, I was fascinated at how he tackles the sea of blank faces when teaching fake news by getting students hooked first through neuroscience and social psychology with the ideas that we as a human race are actually completely useless at making decisions and shy away from standing out from popular opinion. The slides that I have looked at so far haven't come with accompanying notes (last year many did) but you can still get a very good idea of the content - and you can always email the speaker to learn more! Elizabeth, in the transcript for your interview with Martine this statement has been inserted: The more students look online for information, the less skilled they get at actually finding what they really need. Is it a quote from the interview or is it from somewhere else? I'd like to use it as a discussion starter!

Rachel Chavez

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