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Hacking School Libraries - April 2019
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Apr 09, 2019
Yes. However implementing some of the hacks will require an institutional environment and context that will support it. Every single school will have a different demographic of students, traditions, structures etc. What I have learnt in my numerous years in school libraries is that you have to make changes in tiny baby steps, and perhaps some of these hacks will not work in some schools. Every single school is different. In some secondary schools there is a one full-time Librarian managing the library space, that is if we are lucky. It would be physically impossible to carry out some of these hacks, alongside our normal everyday duties and role, so perhaps I would focus on implementing one thing at a time. I must say though, there are some good ideas in this book that I will definitely consider in the school library I manage. One thing that did annoy me [a tiny bit] was that creating a 'Maker Space' is something very new and fresh, that all libraries should be incorporating into their libraries. I have been working in libraries for many years, and those ones I have worked in, have always recognised that there are readers and non-readers. Libraries, whether that be a school library or a local public library, have welcomed their community by offering different kinds of craft related activities. It's not something new, its been around for years, it's just the name that's changed. In my eyes, past and present, libraries and librarians have always been forward thinking and as fresh as a daisy!


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