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Focus on Inquiry - Part 2
In Inquiry Learning
Darryl Toerien
Nov 10, 2020
I was just going to pop in and share something that might be helpful in this discussion, and am delighted to see that it is already underway. I have just published Barbara Stripling's Epistemology and Learning Memo - E&L Memo 1 | Learning to know and understand through inquiry - on the FOSIL Group website. Not only does Barbara provide deep insight into the development of the model that FOSIL is based on, but also into the inquiry process and underlying skills more generally. Before I go, what is becoming increasingly clear to me is that many of the distinguishing features of each model are not visible in the model itself, hence the word of caution accompanying the commitment to inquiry in the IFLA School Library Guidelines. This reminds me of what Daniel Callison wrote about Barbara's doctoral studies (emphasis added): They [Barbara Stripling and Judy Pitts] tied the library to the classroom and demonstrated how the library could be a center for learning across the school and were early movers for involving teachers with media specialists as co-instructional designers. ... In both [their respective doctoral] studies, these two exceptional leaders in the school library instructional field found, from the vantage point of the researcher, with greater observation and analysis, that moving students as well as their teachers toward grasping the principles of inquiry was an extremely formidable task. School library media specialists are not likely to accomplish that task without a deep understanding of inquiry as well as being accepted fully into a co-instructional role. This implies extensive education in inquiry principles and application for those who seek a position as an educator in a twenty-first-century learning environment. This is the real value, I think, of what we are doing here - helping each other to build a deep understanding of inquiry and educating ourselves, which is entirely appropriate, in inquiry principles and application. Darryl P.S. In case it is not clear, the combined FOSIL-ISP that @Elizabeth shared is not limited to the Extended Essay, or EPQ for that matter, just an example of its application. Also, once you get down to the level of skills, and take the full Empire State Information Fluency Continuum into account, FOSIL has a lot to say about feeling and dispositions.
Darryl Toerien
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