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Strategic Collection Development

Strategic Collection Development

Discover the art of Strategic Collection Development in this one-hour professional development session for school librarians. Explore strategies to curate knowledge, foster user-centric approaches, and embrace diverse resources within your school community. From meticulous selection criteria to personalised learning insights, this session equips you with practical tools to elevate your library's impact. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your collection development skills and create a library that truly serves the evolving needs of your students and educators!


Learning Objective:
By the end of this session, attendees will learn to curate diverse resources and apply user-centric approaches for effective collection development in your school library. 


Three Key Takeaways:

  1. Diverse Collection: Learn how to create a library collection that meets the diverse needs of your school community.
  2. User-Focused: Understand how to tailor resources to individual interests and support personalised learning.
  3. Inclusive Library: Explore ways to make your library more inclusive by incorporating diverse and culturally relevant materials.


"It was relevant to my job and helped me to consider this aspect of my role. Whilst I am already doing a lot of the work, it helped me to think about it more strategically and methodically" Rachel Huskisson, School Librarian 

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