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On-demand Webinar Training

These are my latest webinar recordings most of which were recorded in 2022 and are available for you to buy individually or in my best-value options 


These are also all available through my membership packages for just £95 for the year where you will get all of these plus access to live training and support too. Huge savings to be made!

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Reading for Learning

In this webinar, we explored the role of school library staff in providing support for reading for learning. Discovering their role in Inquiry and supporting students finding and reading and learning from information

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Creating Lessons Using FOSIL

This webinar will help you begin to understand how you can use the resources available to you via the FOSIL group website. It will help get you started on your journey with inquiry learning and will focus on CONNECT and WONDER part of the inquiry cycle

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Planning and writing your annual report

Annual reports have two functions, firstly to ensure your school understands what you do and secondly to create a plan going forward based on your school's aims. We will be unpacking both of these elements during this session.

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The core purpose of your school library

Many school libraries focus on reading for pleasure and often miss out on everything else a school library can offer. This session will look at the 5 core instructional activities of the school library and how they can support teaching and learning

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What is leadership and why is it important for school librarians?

This is an opportunity to understand the meaning of leadership within school libraries. Helping you to empower your school librarian to engage with their own expertise and to share within your school community

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Advocacy for school librarians

If your school does not understand the role of the school library and librarian in teaching and learning this webinar is for you. We look at different ways to advocate for the role of the school librarian and highlight the opportunities to demonstrate value and impact.

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A Beginners Guide to ChatGPT and AI

If like most of us, you have been overwhelmed by the avalanche of information about ChatGPT and don't have time to work out what it is all about for yourself then this session is for you

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Creating opportunities for collaboration

Collaboration is both beneficial for teachers and school librarians. This webinar will help bring the school library into the heart of the curriculum by learning engaging ways to collaborate.

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