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Webinar training

A Beginners Guide to
ChatGPT and AI

If like most of us, you have been overwhelmed by the avalanche of information about ChatGPT and don't have time to work out what it is all about for yourself then this session is for you.

Focusing on:- 

  •  What is AI and ChatGP?

  • What are some of the useful things it can do?

  • How do I get started? 

  • What are the scary things? Do we need to worry about them?

  • What could school librarians use it for?

Why should you watch this? I will provide you with a basic introduction to AI and ChatGPT followed by some ideas and suggestions on how you can use ChatGPT from your school library. If you don't have time to read all the information out there this will give you a place to start. 

"School librarians and their skills need to be at the forefront of this new technology as education changes and adapts to the introduction of AI"